And Now for Something New…

On top of writing my 2nd novel, I have decided to work on a 3rd book. I have been going back and forth between the 2nd and 3rd book, to decrease my boredom.

So, what’s this 3rd book about? Well, I have decided to come up with a fake horoscope predictions starting with January 01, 2017. I know there are a TON of idiots out there that will gobble that shit right up. And I plan on taking advantage of their stupidity. It may not be ethically right to do, but when you’re a broke full-time college stupid, you find ways to make money.

Instead of degrading myself and becoming a stripper to pay my through college, I have decided to go the author/writer route. I just hope I can keep this motivation up. I suppose I’ll need to stock up on coffee.

March-16-2012-13-22-36-ScreenShot20120316at10It’s even kitty approved, says the Nala kitty!


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123I recently was made a volunteer administrator over on the EQ2 ZAM . I know I have big shoes to fill. But, I’m hoping I make my predecessors proud of me. If you guys happen to play EQ2 and were frustrated that there were no new updates since September 2015, well, I’m here to help with that. Should you want the site updated with new quests, raid information, etc., please help me in updating the site. You’ll not only have a centralized area to read about the new expansion, but you’ll also be helping the community as a whole.

Thanks for reading. =)

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Ain’t No One Got Time for the Heat and Humidity!

See this shit right here?

123If it weren’t for the air conditioning, I would have killed myself by now or moved so far north, 20 degrees woulda felt like a heat wave.

Fuck going outside. Fuck this heat and humidity. Goddamn global warming!

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I Hatechu Summer!

Take a look at this:

Clipboard01Do you see all those high temperatures? Especially the one on Monday? Well, fuck you Philly weather. And fuck you for being that high when I have to go out in the middle of the afternoon for a doctor’s appointment.

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Selling on eBay


Since I’m always broke, I decided to sell a bunch of shit that was just lying around the house anyway. They were just collecting dust in the basement anyway, being unused. So, I figure I’ll sell them. I’ve also been giving away books I don’t want through that web site “Paperback Swap”.

So far, I have 5 auctions up, all of whom are Nintendo DS games. One is currently sitting at $14.50, which isn’t a bad start. It’s $14.50 I didn’t have before. *shrug*


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Pestering Strangers

So, I’ve recently started randomly texting strangers again. I used to do this before because the results would always end up being hilarious. There’s plenty of texting apps on Android that gives you a new phone number to text from. I do this to mask my real phone number, so people don’t call me after I’ve sent them a bunch of funny texts.

Here’s one from today:

Screenshot_20160715-082017Here’s some screenshots from years past:

267-265-0956 - #1267-265-0956 - #2

267-970-2310 - #1267-970-2310 - #2267-970-2310 - #3

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Amazon Prime Day, Woohoo!

So, I took advantage of the whole Amazon Prime Day thinger. Since I’m a Prime member (I get a discounted membership due to being a student, which is another plus), I figured I’ll check out the deals.

Well, I’m glad I did. So, the first thing I purchased was this:

61BZykbAZ7L._SL1000_The Amazon Fire tablet. I have a shit ton of Kindle books I had on my old Kindle e-reader. However, I don’t know where I placed my e-reader. I moved to a new place about 3 years ago, and since then, forgot which box I even placed it in. Oh wells.

The next thing I purchased was this:

81UlFk0uC-L._SL1500_I really did need compression socks. Why? Because my feet are always swollen and I truly do need a pair of them. The reviews on the socks stated that they worked and junk.

And there you have it. Just two items. There wasn’t much else I wanted and I even spent time cruising their deals. The rest of the junk was just meh.

You guys get anything?

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Yay for gaming!

I have been playing WAY too much Elder Scrolls Online lately. Like, completely and utterly obsessed with it. I’ll log in and just play for hours and hours and hours. And then wonder why I waste so much goddamn time there.

Maybe I’m just burnt out on EQ and EQ2 and just need something completely different. I don’t know. That reminds me, I pre-ordered the new expansion for World of Warcraft and was able to boost my panda mage to 100. Yay! My personal guild’s bank was so full of gear I had to disenchant and I was so tired of trying to get her high enough to break those down. Oh wells.

Now I’m stuck having to download 14 gig’s worth of crap for WoW. What sucks is that I’m on a limited data plan for my internet and only get 30 gigs a month. While this is fine for everyday gaming and web site cruising, I can’t download anything substantial. In these scenarios, I have to tether my cell phone and download shit I need since my cell phone data plan is unlimited (and I truly do mean unlimited 4G LTE – no data capping, which is awesome pawsome!).

Anyway, back to gaming!


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Wow, just wow.

So, the company who took over EverQuest and EverQuest 2 (Daybreak) banned a whole shit load of accounts within the last 24 hours. The reason for the mass banning was because the shit loads of charge backs due to purchases from 3rd party sites. So, there was a shit storm on their forums about it. What gets me is that within the EULA for both games is that at their discretion, they have every right to ban you should you purchase anything from a 3rd party web site for use within their games. It’s like suing a chainsaw manufacturer because you stopped a chainsaw with your hands (even though there’s a clear warning on the product that states that you shouldn’t stop it with your hands).

This further proves that today’s generation is a bunch of self-serving and selfish douche bags. If it doesn’t further help them in any way, they will whine and complain until it does.

Ain’t nobody got time for your whining.

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Britain’s Exit from the European Union

First off, let me put a disclaimer here and state that I don’t know all the details. So, I’m sorry in advance if I sound rather ignorant.

On with my opinion: One thing that bothers me is the fact that they had to combine “Britain” and “Exit” and make it into Brexit. If you’re anything like me, someone who’s in their mid to late 30’s and above, we don’t give two shits about combining words together to sound hip. For example, the whole Bradgelina crap. Who gives a fuck?! Are we as a society too goddamn lazy to just say “Britain’s Exit”? Hmm? I literally had to scour the internet just to find out what the fuck Brexit meant. How about you make it a smidgen easier for us dumb older people and not combine words? Fucking hipsters.

Secondly, I never knew that Britain was even in the European Union, considering that England uses the pound, not the Euro. I thought the entirety of the E.U. used euro’s and not let individual countries that are in the E.U. come up with their own currency? But, what the fuck do I know? I’m a dumb American.

Thirdly, I have no idea where I’m going with this post. I just wanted to express my frustration with hipsters or douche bags who want to appear “hip” by combining words. I blame the whole millennial generation.

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Annoyances of Pricks – The “I Hate Millennials Edition”

You know what gets on my last fucking nerve? Let’s say for instance I log into a MMORPG game. And I tell my guild “Hey guys.” Few minutes goes by, no response. 10 minutes goes by, no response. And then they respond if I say something about it. This.. this is what annoys me. Why can’t assholes out there have fucking common courtesy to say hello back? Even if you’re too busy, typing out hello in response takes all of 2 seconds. Are you THAT goddamn busy you can’t take 2 seconds to type hello?

But, no. People are so wrapped up in themselves and their goddamn cliques to even care about anyone else. And I was told I was overreacting. No, asshole. I am not overreacting. It’s CALLED COMMON COURTESY, FOR FUCK’S SAKE! Learn some fucking manners for once in your goddamn life.

Oh wait, I forget. I was speaking to a goddamn Millennial where it’s all about “me me me” and fuck the rest of ya’ll. This generation is so fucked up and screwed in the head it’s not even fucking funny. When I grew up, it was considered polite to respond with a hello back when someone said hello to you. Not only that, you acknowledged them. But, these young dumb douche bags can’t even be bothered. If it doesn’t benefit them, they couldn’t care if you were run over by a goddamn bus.

So, with that said, I will no longer be a part of that guild anymore. I am so sick and goddamn tired of being treated like an afterthought. So, fuck you and the fucking goddamn horse you rode in on.


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Fuck Yeah!

I’m making some serious progress in my second novel. I have been typing up a fucking storm! Thank god for adderall! God, I love that drug. That and caffeine, oh my god. I am so excited. Within a month, I should be completely done and the second novel will then be uploaded to Amazon, Smashwords, and my blog. Yay!

In other news, I have been playing a ton of Elder Scrolls Online. I have been super obsessed with that game. Here’s a screenshot of my main (a templar):


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Lack of Sleep Does Weird Things to You!

I have been sleeping really crappy lately. And because of that, I have been really bitchy lately. Like, totally and completely bitchy. I’ll bitch at the smallest and most insignificant bullshit ever. I don’t even know why I’m not sleeping well. Because of my lack of sleep, my work on my second novel has suffered. I haven’t had any motivation to work on it and finish it. I mean, I am THIS close in finishing it and uploading it to Smashwords and my blog’s store. But, nooooooo… My brain work no good. *sigh*


In other news, I have been obsessed with Elder Scrolls Online lately. Once in a while, when I’m completely burnt out on EverQuest, I’ll find another MMORPG to obsess over. ESO being the one I’m obsessing over right now.


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Big Ass Anyone?

So, I woke up at 2 A.M. craving for some ice cream. I get up, and hurl my fat face into a pint. Yeah, I’m a glutton, but you know what? I enjoyed every single bite of my yummy ice cream.

Now, if only I could use that same fatty enthusiasm for my second book, maybe it’d be finished by now.


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My Thoughts on Banning Guns

Since the Orlando, FL shooting, guns have been a hot topic for a lot of people. What gets me is that “gun control” is a fruitless venture. Gun control is for ordinary citizens who obey the law. Do you really think criminals out there are going to suddenly stop being criminals because they passed some gun control law? No. That would be completely naive and foolish to think so. There will always be a black market for guns. Look at the “dark web“, for example. There’s a whole slew of underground “dark web” web sites that cater to all kinds of criminal activity. Drugs, guns that already have bodies on them, assassinations, anything and everything you can imagine.

So, tell me. How exactly does passing gun control measures going to stop a criminal from purchasing a gun? If they’re serious enough, they’ll get one in any way possible and any amount of gun control measures won’t matter.

Personally speaking, I think every household should have at least firearm in their possession. If you walked into a town and knew that every single household owned a fully loaded gun, would you risk breaking in? No, of course you wouldn’t. But, if we make it harder to get a gun, or ban them outright, criminals know you’re unarmed. They know it’ll be easier to commit crime. Think about that for a second. You either arm every household with a firearm and watch crime plummet, or ban all guns and watch crime rise. Which one would you choose? Now, I’m not talking about arming any ol’ civilian with a firearm. I believe there should be at least some type of minimum background check (both criminal and mental) prior to handing over a firearm. But, c’mon. Pass some sensible laws so that the rest of us can protect ourselves.


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My Thoughts about Orlando, FL

I’ve been thinking the last few days about the killings in Orlando, FL. It disgusts me, as with any normal person would feel. But, I’m disgusted at a variety of things. Firstly, I’m disgusted by the homophobic behavior of the gunman. This person was raised in the United States, in a time where I originally thought we were finally getting over the whole homophobic agenda of our previous generation. Obviously I was wrong.

Secondly, I’m disgusted at our media. We scream hatred at Muslims, while forgetting what the real problem here. The real problem here is this, folks: A single person, regardless of religion, went into a dance club, and shot up a bunch of innocent people. All because they were a part of the LGBT community. His fueled outrage allowed him to override his common sense. And I’m sitting here wondering where he learned this type of behavior. Was it his parents? Was it the people who befriended him? Or is there another 3rd factor?

Thirdly, it comes down to this: forget the whole extremist idea here. Forget that he was a “Muslim”. This was an individual set on destruction. Destroying a community that did absolutely nothing to him.

Folks, we not only have to teach our young people tolerance, but ACCEPTANCE as well. Accepting that there are people out there that are different from us. This doesn’t just apply to the LGBT community either. This applies to minorities, religious people (and yes, this includes Atheists and Muslims here), and anything else that is not mainstream. We have to educate people the right facts here. Muslims are not terrorists. Gays aren’t child molesters. Transgender people don’t want to go into the bathroom to rape your loved ones.

Yes, there are a couple bad apples. But 99.9% of people just want to live their lives in peace. All they want is to be accepted. That’s it.

Why is it that hard to understand? Why are we as as society forced to accept your mainstream Christian values, and yet when we ask for it in return, you scream anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-Muslims slogans at us? Are we really living in a progressive country? Or have we devolved into something less than desirable?

The next time you look down at someone who you deem as unfit to be in society, think about this: How would you feel if the same were done to you? How would you feel if people beat you up, just because you believed in god? Murdered you because you dared to read from a bible? Dragged you out onto the street for daring to be a white, straight, male?

This is my two cents.

tl;dr: Go fuck yourselves.

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Facebook & Stuff

Hey folks.

I have a Facebook account for me. It’s over at Come on over and add me. I usually log into that account at least once a day to see if I have any new requests. I have my main Facebook account, however, I never share that publicly. Which is why I have this author page.

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Another Great Day

Today I woke up and was all happy. I was able to get a lot of writing done for my second novel. I really cannot wait until I’m done finally. And the great thing is… it almost is done. I’m so proud of myself because I have never really stuck with something this long. Making no sales is kind of discouraging, but I’m sure that one of these days, I’ll make money. There are a ton of ways to advertise and if I can just get more traffic, that’d be great.

Anyway, go buy my book before I throw feces at you. 😉


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Sheer Stupidity

So, I was playing EverQuest 2, right? And of course, you have your internet troll, trolling their stupidity about how no one knows shit about shit. Mind you, this troll had the worst spelling and the worst grammar. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to mock and insult people, at least use proper spelling and grammar. Otherwise, you look like a fucking idiot and you lose all kinds of credibility. How am I supposed to be on your goddamn side when I can’t even decipher what the fuck you’re saying?

Learn to write properly is all I’m saying.

Anyway, be a dear and buy my damn book already. It’s only 99 cents. You can find a link to it on the right side of the blog. I mean, you spend more money at a Starbucks, right? What’s 99 cents?!

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You ever play with your own tits and be all like.. “god, they’re so goddamn lumpy.”? Yeah, that’s how it is with my own tits. Since they’re humongous, they tend to be super floppy and lumpy. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m happy that I have huge tits. But, sometimes they get in the way, especially when I try to sleep on my stomach.

What about you? And especially what about you fat guys with man boobs? Do they bother you?man-boobs_o_2748785By the way, please go buy book. Ok? Ok.

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Made the Plunge!

I decided to set aside any personal qualms and just sign up for a bunch of social media sites. As much as I didn’t want to, I have to. If I’m going to generate tons of traffic, I have to advertise and promote as much as possible.

And now the waiting game. I suppose the more I post quality material, the more visitors I may get. Who knows?

Wish me luck.52006917

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I Has a Sad

Other than Twitter and maybe creating a Facebook page for my author persona, I’m not sure where else to advertise. I can’t afford to have a large-scale advertisement. I guess this is why people go with huge publishing houses. But, the thing is, I want to go doing it my way. This way, I can control my own content, I can publish what I want, when I want, however I want without any overhead from a boss.

My biggest problem is trying to get traffic to the web site, trying to get interest in buying my book. I mean, I know a lot of people would prefer to buy a book that’s 99 cents than a book that’s priced at $1.99. I know that. But, how do I get over that hurdle of getting traffic? How do I get more eyes coming here?

It’s frustrating, it really is.


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Try Out an Independent Author!

Have you ever wanted to try out a new author but unsure where to go? Look no further! Not only can you buy my first book from this site directly, but you can also buy my first book on Smashwords. You can find the link to Smashwords on the right side of the page, under “Books by Author”.

Listen, times are tough for a lot of us. But, the book only costs 99 cents. You’re not paying a huge corporation a shit ton of money for one single book. If you buy the book from this site, every penny goes to me and inspires me to create more novels. If you buy from Smashwords, majority of that money goes to me as well. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing you’re supporting an independent author rather than big shot who doesn’t care?

Try me out, you won’t regret it.

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All Hail Mother of Dragons

Just got done watching Game of Thrones. And.. Oh. My. God. Can I just saying FUCKING AMAZING?!!?! Just the ending to it made me wanna get up and just scream “THAT’S WHAT YOU GET, MOTHERFUCKERS! BURN LIKE THE ASSHOLES YOU ARE!!!”

I’m not a huge feminist by any stretch of the word, but when Khaleesi burned those motherfuckin’ shitheads down, oh my god. I lost my shit.

Fuck yeah.


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Sexy Time or No Sexy Time?

As I sit here contemplating if I should be watching Game of Thrones tonight instead of working on my novel, one thought keeps repeating… Fuck writing for the night and allow you brain to rest. Enjoy your hour long drool fest of Jon Snow and the rest of Game of Thrones and don’t overwork your stupid brain.

Ya never know, maybe Game of Thrones can give me a few new ideas about what to put in my novel, since ya know.. my novel is full of horrific stuff. Haha.

Tata for now.


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Tumblr Account

I have officially made a tumblr account. Why? Well, I have to make sure I promote myself as as much as possible. Twitter, Tumblr, whatever else I can get my hands off. I’m really thinking of making an Instagram account, but since that deals with pictures, I’m not sure what to put on there. On Tumblr at least, I can type stuff about my novels, about my writing process, etc.

Do any of you have any suggestions on what other Social Media I should choose?


P.S. Click here for my Tumblr page.

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Just 5 more words and my 2nd novel will be up and running. I can almost taste it. All those months of slaving over my 2nd novel is almost done and over with. And then when that’s uploaded onto Smashwords and on my web site, I can then schedule a bunch of tweets on Twitter. Now that I’ve found the scheduling button for Twitter, oh my god. It’s become my new best friend. I no longer have to worry about it since I can schedule a bunch of tweets for the future and forget about it. I’ve made enough tweets until May 31st. I suppose I’ll have to do make a whole slew of new ones for June when the time comes.

Yay for me!twitter_meme

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Working My Ass Off

I was laying in bed earlier, thinking about how I can increase traffic to my web site. You know, trying to get them to physically check it out and maybe make a purchase. Then it hit me. Tweet Deck has this option to schedule tweets ahead of time. So, instead of having to tweet every goddamn day, several times a day, all I have to do is set up a bunch of tweets all at once and forget about it. I figure if I can set up enough tweets for the next 2-3 weeks (3 tweets per day), it’ll help me garner some views and all I had to do was spend about 20 minutes. I know it sounds lazy of me, but it’s pretty genius if you think about it. I don’t have to worry about tweets for a month while I’m off doing other important shit.. like typing up my 2nd novel. Which, by the way, is almost done. Thank god.

How is everyone else?


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Independent Author

You know what I absolutely love about being an independent author? The fact that I can take my goddamn time in writing. The fact that I don’t have deadlines. The fact that I can write about anything and everything I’ve ever wanted without having to censor myself. Granted, I might not get the audience I want because I may not “appeal” to them. It pisses me off that the majority of people won’t give an independent author a chance. If you’re on your own and publish your own stuff, without any outside help, your chances of becoming famous is slim.

Which is a shame. I’d love to find that niche market and reach a LARGE audience. I would so love that. But, the reality is, I have to pimp my books out as frequently as possible or else risk not making money. I don’t have a large well-known company blasting ads for me or pushing my books on Amazon or brick and mortar stores. I either pimp those books out myself.. or well, as I said.. I don’t make money.

And quite honestly, I originally didn’t start writing to make tons of money. I started writing because I actually love it. Putting pen to paper and seeing my work come to life. To me, making money is just an afterthought. Something that is just a reward for doing something I love doing anyway.

I just hope that more and more people see my material as time goes on and I’m not actually wasting my life away.

By the way, in case you haven’t bought it yet, here is a link to my book on Smashwords: My Novel. Be sure to pick it up. It only costs 99 cents, which isn’t a whole lot. You waste more money at the local coffee shop.

Support your independent author today!

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Illuminati Nonsense

So, I watched this 15 minute long video on YouTube about Beyonce and how her latest Lemonade shit is full of Illuminati symbols, Satanic symbols, all kinds of shit. What I find so freaking hilarious is that these people are so ridiculous that they’re trying to grasp at straws to find symbolism that isn’t there. It’s just.. not.. there, people!
Let me educate you people on something. If a secret society did exist out there, do you really think they’d be all flashy flashy in public? No, of course they wouldn’t. Why? Because they’re trying to be FUCKING SECRET, ya morons! Why draw attention to yourself when you’re obviously trying to stay hidden? That’s like going into a supermarket and blatantly showing everyone that I’m trying to steal from the store, although I’m telling my besty over here that I’m all secret and shit.

Wake the fuck up, people. Stop being sheep. Whatever happened to critical thinking? Do you really, honestly, truly think that this world-dominating secret society truly wants you to find out its’ evil doings? If there truly is a larger force out there that is truly world-dominating, it’s obviously not the Illuminati. I can say that with 100% certainty.

Or.. here’s another theory: Hiding in plain sight. Make your “secret society” so ridiculous to the public that they dismiss any claim that your “secret society” even exists.

But, who knows which theory is right? I sure don’t. And I don’t give a flying fuck either. I’m more concerned about what I can actually see and hear.. ya know, the real federal government actually slowly taking our rights away. But, instead of focusing on that, the fat and entertained sheep, otherwise known as U.S. citizens, are more concerned about what the next bitchy celebrity is wearing and what her music is about, instead of worried about their rights and privacy being violated.

But, hey. Whatev’s. You wanna go down that road? Don’t complain about the state of affairs when you get to the end of said road.. when there are no rights to defend you, no human brave enough to defend you. You’ll be on your hands and knees wondering why you didn’t speak up sooner.

What do I know? I’m just a silly GenX idiot.

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Moar Progress Pweese!

So, I’m up to 33k words. Yay, me! God, I’m such a slacker, but at least I’m more motivated to write than back in December.

P.S. Buy my book. 😉


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Yay for Words!

30,000 words down. 20,000 more words to go and I’ll be able to publish my second novel. Both on Smashwords and on this web site. My first book was only 38,360 words. I have every intention to get to 50k for this novel. And for my third novel, get to 60k, eventually getting to 100k. I guess my end goal is to have a book that’s 400-450 pages long. But, I guess small goals right? Can’t get there if I set huge goals because it’ll seem so daunting.

Anyway, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE buy my book. Please click the Shop link at the top and buy my book. It’s only 99 cents! 1 penny cheaper than a dollar! You’ll not only be supporting me, but encouraging me to continue writing. You’ll also make all this writing worthwhile. Please support an independent author today, you won’t regret it. I promise.

I know I sound like I’m begging you to buy my book, but it has always been my dream to be a successful writer / author. Even selling 5-10 copies a week will be a success for me. Look, I realize that money may be tight for a lot of you, but those of you with excess money, won’t you do an independent author a solid and buy the book? It’s not like the book is selling for $15 a pop. It’s only 99 cents!


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Spring Time!

It seems like the spring time is great for inspiration! As of lately, I’ve been writing more and more for my second novel compared to the winter time. Instead of writing just one paragraph every other day in the winter time, I’m writing pages and pages and pages of stuff for this second book. What’s even great is that I can see myself finishing this second book within a month at this rate. I am so proud of myself.

I just hope come this wintertime, I can keep up the pace.

Also, I ask that you please support an author (me). It will encourage me to write more and more for you wonderful people. It’s only 99 cents. You spend more money at the local Starbucks for a cup of coffee. What’s 99 cents? You can find the link to the book(s) at the top of the page under shop. If you do happen to buy the book, please leave a review (even if it’s negative – everything matters to me).

Thank you. =)


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Prince’s Death

I grew up listening to Prince in the 1980’s. Since I’m an 80’s kid, I listened to all kinds of awesome 80’s music, including Prince. He had some memorable songs back then. Eventually, I stopped listening to him since he stopped making songs I liked. But, I never thought he would actually die at such a young age.

All these iconic pop stars dying like flies. Bowie, Prince. Who else is it going to be?

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It’s Time for an Update!

Hi there!

It’s about damn time I updated you guys. I have been super busy with mid terms, and now finals. So, now is the time of year I do not have an excuse not to work on my blog and my second book.

So, what’s your excuse for not buying my first book? I mean, it *IS* a dollar!?! Surely a dollar isn’t too expensive for you, right? Go buy it, check it out, give me a review. Your review will help me in the long run.


crazy-writer-2P.S. The store to buy your wonderful book is somewhere to your top. If you love to support new authors, PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE help me out here! <3

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So busy =/

I have been so busy lately with classes at college. This one class I have, oh my god. It’s a sociology class. The professor has us reading 65-70 page readings, 3-4 times a week. As if the rest of us don’t have anything else going on. Oy vey.

Other than that, it’s been really cold in Philadelphia. It’s currently 12 degrees out and the wind chill is placing the temperatures below zero. I have been writing instead of going out. What’s the point? If I’m going to freeze my tits off, I might as well stay home and write, write, write. And all this time, I still haven’t sold a novel. You’d think I’d be upset, but I’m not. It motivates me to promote it even more.

Why don’t you be a dear and go buy it? It’s only 99 cents. Not expensive, right? And after you’re done, give me a review, even if it’s negative. C’mon, you know you want to.


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New Month, More Writing?

Really hoping to get more and more writing done this month. If it weren’t for school and having to read 50 page reading for class and studying for statistics, I probably would be more preoccupied with writing. There’s also that hobby of mine – gaming. I can’t live without gaming. It relaxes me when I’m stressed or depressed. I’ve been burnt on my main game (which is EverQuest and EverQuest 2). So, I’ve been playing a lot of Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft lately, just for something different.

I just wish I could have the motivation to write like I did before this stupid seasonal depression came about. I suppose when the spring comes about, my muse will come back.

Anywho, if you’d please, please purchase my first novel over here: My Novel. It’s only 99 cents. Not expensive, right? Go check it out and if you do happen to buy it, please don’t forget to leave a review! =)


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Getting There

As my seasonal depression fades away, my creativity and my imagination has been coming back. Which is great! The only thing that stops me now is my full-time college roster of classes. Which is fine, that college degree is important too.

In other news, the weather here in Philly is absolutely crazy. We had about 25-30 inches of snow this past weekend. And then our forecasters are telling us that we’re expecting 50-60 degree weather next week. What the hell is up with that? Snow one week and then spring-like weather the next? The hell? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love writing outside. The fresh air helps with thinking because being stuck in the house kinda hinders me.

So, how is everyone else doing?


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Life as a College Student

The one thing I hate the most is not having enough time to actually sit down and write. Everything else seems to get in the way. Since I’m a full-time college student, the only time I really get to write is when I’ve done all my assignments, made sure I’ve studied properly, and when I’m off in between semesters. That precious time in between semesters really counts. It’s that time where I can stay up until 5 or 6 A.M. and just write and write and write while being fueled by coffee. Otherwise, while in college, I have maybe an hour a day to write. Which is sad. I enjoy writing and really want to push out my second novel and actually start working on my mock self-help book.

Ah, oh well. It’ll get done eventually, I suppose.


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New Ideas

Along with the poetry and regular novels I’ve been writing, I started writing a mock self-help book. Basically, I’ve decided to write a self-help book that isn’t supposed to actually help you. In fact, it’s supposed to do the exact opposite. And the biggest reason why I’ve always wanted to do that is because I thought it’d be a funny thing to write. Maybe I’ll make a few sales, who knows?

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My Wrists Hurt, Damnit

Write, write, write. It’s all I’ve been doing just so I can finish up my second novel. In between that, I’ve also been working on a book of poems and a mock self-help book. Yes, I do have a lot on my plate as far as publishing goes, but hey.. I love to write. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head that I have to write them down. Eventually, I’ll release my second book and possibly take a few weeks break from writing. I know my wrists would definitely need the break. Plus, my head hurts trying to come up with new material. Oy.


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Greetings everyone. As I’m sitting here inside my house, watching the blizzard outside, I’m writing here. I finally jumped in and obtained a web site where I can advertise, promote, and talk about my feature writing. I have already published my first novel in December 2015 and am currently working on my 2nd novel. It may take some time though, since I am a full time college student and my education is my first priority at the moment.

As for writing, I do write on a daily basis. Not as much as when I’m on break from classes, but I still do write. With that said, I’ll be updating this blog regularly.

Thank you for visiting and I hope we can grow to be friends. =)

P.S. You can access my first book by clicking on the shop link up top. All books are priced at 99 cents for the time being. Should I become more famous, well, the price might go up. But, they’ll never go above $2.99. I refuse to charge expensive amounts.

Give me a try? Perhaps leave a review after you’re done. =)

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